Student License Program

This program allows adults to prepare for their drive test without going to the DMV.  On the first Student License lesson we will administer a quick quiz to check your knowledge of rules of the road. Then, we would administer an eye exam (snellen eye chart) to make sure you will be ok on the road. After completing the application, we would issue you a Student License then start your behind-the-wheel lesson with our licensed instructor.

This Class gives you the ability to start driving without passing the permit test. Once you get your Student License you can only drive with the licensed instructor you signed up with. Your Student License is good for 1 year.  Once you feel comfortable with driving and your instructor gives you the ok, you could start the original requirements for a California Drivers License.  

Note: You still have to pass the permit test and drive test at the DMV to get your license.



For more information please call us at (925) 743-8837.